Scorpion ADX—1

The Scorpion ADX-1 (US: EXO AT950)


A great helmet! It is a flip-up helmet which brings benefits on long trips, toll stations, hot temperature and small talk at the traffic lights. Despite its low price of around 200 euros this helmet shows amazingly good performance and accompanies me already several 10000 kilometers.


The unique feature of this helmet lies in its price-performance ratio in terms of its functionality. This helmet can be used both as a touring helmet with sun visor and full visor, as well as a cross-helmet with a cross goggle. And the conversion can be done without tools!


This helmet has already been tested by Bea & Helle of TimeToRide for travel, and I can absolutely confirm their recommendations. I use the Sena 20S Evo as communication device. For more Information click here



- Price-performance ratio

- Can be used as a touring helmet (full sight), cross helmet (with cross glasses)

- a huge field of vision

- integrated sun visor with external operation

- flip-up helmet



- Ventilation could be better

- Screws must be secured with Locktite