KLIM BADlands and adventure gloves

If you are looking for first-class motorcycle clothing with proper ventilation and waterproofness, you will find it at Klim. Above all, the US-American company is known for its first-class off-road clothing and winter clothing for the snowmobile sport.


I am wearing the Klim Badlands model from 2017 and I am more than satisfied. Lighter than many other jackets of the competition, absolutely waterproof and an amazing ventilation on hot days have finally convinced me that Klim will probably accompany me even longer on my tours.




Let's take a closer look at the functions of the jacket.


An integrated kidney belt and of course the possibility to connect the jacket with a Klim Pant belongs in this price range probably to the standard equipment, because to be honest, the Klim products are not cheap. The new Klim Badlands Pro is around $ 1000 (just jacket, Pants ur up to 800 USD) and thus in the upper price segment. But if you take a closer look at the jacket and the material which were used, you will notice that the safety aspect is very important to Klim and safety should not be compromised.


With two waterproof breast pockets, two waterproof jacket pockets and the hydrationbladder pocket (from model '18 / Pro), the Badlands jacket has shown a first functional line. The high quality elbows and shoulder protectors, as well as the large back protector provide the necessary cushioning, should you ever go to the ground. Extra mention is the breast protector. Although this is not a full-fledged protector, as the carapace, but reliably protects against stones and supports the protective functions in a fall on the front of your body.


The Pants also have probably the best ventilation on the market. A nearly 100 meter long zipper on each side of the legs you can open to have a ventilation. And yes it's waterproof!


Klim deliberately does not use thermo-lining. There is also no optional lining that can be put into the jacket. Klim argues that better ventilation can be guaranteed in summer. I fully agree. Instead, I ride in winter with a sweater 600 Woolpower and have down to -10 ° C absolutely warm enough. Thermal inner jacket are no need!


However, I strongly recommend that you do not buy motorcycle clothing online. I purchased my combination from MotoCorner in Wohlen. Great value for money and excellent service!

Also Klim, I use the "Adventure GTX" Glove. It's a full leather Glove, waterproof but breathable. Not too cold durng winter, not too hot during summer. Just perfect. 

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