Altberg‘s Boot Factory

This is probably the best boot factory you‘ve never heard of. Altberg’s are producing military boots, hiking boots and much more! And they offer motorcycle boots as well!

I wanted a boot which is excellent for motorcycle riding and hiking as well. On a long journey, you may want to walk through a city or go hiking without your bike. And hiking with regular motorcycle boots is... Yeah.

I saw and tried a lot of different boots. But no boot was right for long trips and these requirements I was looking for. During my research on the world wide web, I found a community about hiking. They recommended Altberg Boots from the United Kongdom for their trips. So I checked out their homepage and noticed - THEY ALSO OFFER MOTORCYCLE BOOTS! Awesome!

I decided to try these shoes. On my trip in May 2019 to France and the UK I wanted to visit the Altberg Boot Factory. „Hogg“ - what a name for a boot. 

Then in May 2019 I visited the Altberg Boot Factory near Leeds. I had an appointement for the boot fitting. They offer each customer to come to the factory to see how they produce their boots and get a boot fitting to find out which size would be the best. I asked for the Hogg Motorcycle Boot. So he brought me the „Bandog“. Differenz: Brown instead Black and they made it a little
bit better. Great! I like brown more then black so I we tried 

- Comfortable on long trips
- Hiking and Motorcycle Riding
- Water Resistant
- Long Life Boot
- Price Performance Ratio

- Price
- The boot needs ”Maintenance” once a month (you have to put some leather wax on) 

Check out the Alt-Berg Homepage!