Mosko moto

Seit Anfang 2019 verwende ich jetzt Soft Luggage von Mosko Moto. Lasst mich euch zeigen, welche Möglichkeiten es hier gibt und welche Vor- und Nachteile weiche Gepäcktaschen gegenüber Alu Koffern haben. 

Mosko Moto Nomad Tank Bag
Mosko Moto Nomad Tank Bag

Der Nomad Tank Bag


After about a year with Touratech's Ambato Pure, I needed something new.  It just bothered me that the tank bag only had a large compartment in which nothing was sorted.  Everything was simply stuffed into it and smaller items were barely findable in the lower edge once it was filled.  I was looking for a tank bag with individual compartments in which I could store my items sorted.  I also wanted to store a hydration bladder.
This was the first time I checked out Mosko Moto.  I had already heard something from this company here and there.  But since I was equipped with everything necessary, I did not concern myself further with it.
The Nomad Tank Bag connects Durability and Functionality. The different compartments allow storing your stuff sorted, and the included hydration bladder makes sure you always have some water right in front of you. 
The first thing you’ll notice is the infinite functionality of Mosko moto products. Every single strap, every single zipper has its function, and everything is clear how to use. No other company for motorcycle equipment does that.