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15 September 2018
15 September 2018
Small Coffee Break in the cute City of Uppsala ;) Thought to make a picture next to the city sign and put my moto on the grass to say „Upps... ala“ 😂 But I won‘t just can‘t find a good spot.
14 September 2018
Heysan! Tomorrow will be my last day in sweden. It was a amazing week. Wonderful moments and the breathtaking nature has convinced me that I will be come back to this amazing country. The magic of the city Stockholm captivates you to stay longer and explore all these little streets in the old town called "Gamla Stan". Tomorrow I will explore the the area around Uppsala and preparing for my ferry to estonia. Psst.. There will be a surprise tomorrow ;-) Stay tuned! See you
09 September 2018
Sweden - The blue and yellow country. It's just awesome. The nature, the feeling, the air. I'm really happy that I really did it until here. Stockholm is a great city and you can see a lot here. I was the whole week in Stockholm out in the archipelago and really enjoyed. In Stockholm you should visit the Fotografiska Art Musuem. There are sometimes different kind of galleries and the new and modern art of photography is really nice and interesting to see. More Pics and Information End of the...
08 September 2018
Wonderful first day in sweden. After riding the Öresund bridge between denmark and sweden I started the TET Sweden. A lot more offroad then in denmark! Lot of fun! By the way it is much more difficult to find a wild camping spot because of all those small houses. The law says you have to be away min. 400 meters to the next house. But I found something and relax with a small fire (in a safe area) and become ready for tomorrow.