General · 27 January 2019
Visit the Motorradwelt Bodensee
General · 21 January 2019
Hello and welcome back to Fabs Worldwide! First of all, I wish you a happy new year and an amazing season 2019! This year we will travel around, visiting a lot of expo in Germany 🇩🇪 and Switzerland🇨🇭 and talking about food 🍕 ☺️ The first expo will be this week so it will be a great start to 2019!! Fab's
General · 04 November 2018
Traveling Alone - Lonely or Alone? Dear readers Recently I returned from my little trip to Europe. Started in Switzerland, I am via Germany, Denmark to Sweden to Stockholm and Uppsala. By ferry to Estonia and Helsinki in Finland. Then south across the Baltics Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania on to Poland to Berlin. South to Prague and Vienna. Then back home. Overall, I was traveling about 7400km in 4 weeks. So much for the facts. The actual topic which concerns me and is interested in how you feel...