Around The World

A dream to become reality.  Once around the earth.  Discover and Explore.

 2019. The development of our society is progressing faster and faster.  The topic of environmental and nature conservation is becoming more current and slowly but surely those people also notice an environmental change, they never wanted to believe.  However, humans live with habit and will not change their way of living on this planet and use its resources so quickly.

  ‚The most dangerous world view is that of those who did not look at the world.‘

 I want to see this world as it is and not what humans will make of it.  In the Western world we are to a large extent alienated by the media, politics and society.  However, I would like to form my own opinion, see how it really is, to experience all aspects of life, and not just those shown to us through the media and society.

 So what is the consequence?  I have to go.  I have to see the world and maybe find myself.  I do not want to tell my grandchildren as an old man that I once wanted to travel, but never did.

 That's why I'm planning my trip around the world on my motorbike.  It should become a new phase of life.

         The planned start is summer 2023. Of course, such a journey needs a lot of preparation.  The biggest issue is getting rid of my financial obligations and saving money.

 I hope that I can inspire you for my travels and my stories.

 If you want to know more about this project, please visit this page or contact me directly.  I am looking forward to your message.

 Your Fabs